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Friday, April 08, 2005

Dresses From Hell

I hate wedding dress shopping! And bridesmaids dresses too! How stupid are the people in this industry? Everything is cut soooooo small! A couple months ago when I got engaged I was excited that I would actually be in a size eight for my wedding, maybe even smaller. The last dress I bought in the juniors department was a size 10 and fits great...even loose in all the right places. Since then I've even purchased size eight pants. But, every wedding and bridesmaid dress I've tried on this week has had to be a size 14 before my ass could squeeze into it and get it zipped. Even the 12's were just too snug! I've gone from feeling great about my size to feeling like a blimp again. I can't believe I've gone through so much to loose weight and still have to be considered "plus sized" for my wedding dress.

You're supposed to feel great about yourself on your wedding day. Wouldn't it be smarter for these idiots to make size numbers much smaller (or even accurate) so women feel better? I know it's just a number, and outside of that dress I'm still the right size...but this is one hell of a way to make me feel like a princess when I'm spending quite a few hundred dollars.

And my poor bridesmaids who are actually size 14 and 16's can't even try on dresses because the stores don't house any size 20's for them!

Ok...I think I'm done now...thanks for letting me rant!

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at 2:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay girl, those are just numbers and you know it:-) Besides, I thought you were going to wait until this fall to look for a dress. You know what they say: if you look too soon, it won't fit by the wedding date. -- Now to the real issue...are you afraid that you will "get too big" by the wedding date or that you will "gain it all back"? Those must be awful fears for one who has lost so much so quickly. Or is the fear even bigger--that the wedding won't happen soon enough? Ignore the size and enjoy the process.
Love you, Angela B.

at 4:09 PM Blogger ruben said...

You are driving yourself nutty with these numbers. The bottom line here is that you will be the prettiest girl in MY world the day that we get married. We will be surrounded by guests and staff and all the insanity that goes into a wedding but I will only see you...My amazing wife. You are brutally honest here so I will be also...

-I fell in love with a gorgeous woman who was a size 24.
-I loved her all the way through 26/28 when she decided to get help and get healthy.
-I have loved her at sizes 20,18,16,14,12,10 and 8 and I will keep loving her even if she goes back up through all those numbers again.

You have a beautiful soul...the numbers don't mean a thing. I love you with all of me!

at 6:41 AM Blogger Regular Cinderella said...

Meg, any wedding dress consultant worth her salt should tell you immediately that wedding dresses (for some asinine reason) run small. You're completely correct that who ever is freaking doing that needs to change the numbers back.
Angela--who said if you look too soon, it might not fit--is right, too.
Consider myself...I got engaged in December of 2000, and planned a Septemeber 2002 wedding. In January of 2001, I went to a wedding show. In March, 2001, I bought a dress. (Nothing like planning ahead, right?)
In July, 2001, I found out I was pregnant (Oops! It really does only take one time!) and wore a $7 maternity dress from JC Penny to cover my 5 months along belly at my October, 2001 wedding.
The dress I spent my savings on is still in my closet, never worn.

Good luck!

at 10:47 AM Blogger RagDoll said...

Don't look at the numbers! Just find the one you love!

But I shared the same rant 5 years ago. Have fun planning!

at 11:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dam what I'd give just to go try on a few of those beautiful dresses!
Enjoy your day, and don't worry about something so trivial...
Do you have enough bridesmaids? ok..just asking..lol

at 7:48 PM Blogger Elle said...

Who cares about sizes. Just read Rueben's comment again and again. That's what counts. Numbers don't.


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