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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ruben Says.....

So, Ruben tells me that he doesn't read my blog anymore because our life sounds like a soap-opera. Is it un-normal of me to only really feel the urge to write when something goes wrong? When everything is great, I'm happy and have no problem showing it or telling it to the world verbally. When things are not-so great, I have a hard time verbally expressing my self and instead, choose to write. So that's when everybody gets to read about my problems. I guess I should take the time to right happy things more often...

So, today there is more soap-opera drama in my life. This week we got wonderful news that Ruben's cancer is still in remission (after having a scare that it was back). The very next day we got news that our land-lord is going to sell our home. We've gotta find another place to live...soon! The landlord called one day and said, "I want my realtor to come by tomorrow, is that too soon?" I was shocked. We love our home. We've been there three years and have really made it a part of us. We love our neighborhood. And in just a few more weeks my home, school, and work will all be within a 2 mile circle of each other. Aside from that though, we can't afford anything anywhere else. Neither of us have great credit, and right now we have roommates that help with rent and bills. We can't afford to live somewhere on our own, but no one will rent to two couples with crapy credit. And, we have to think about Hector. If we get into an apartment, he won't have a yard at all anymore. No animal should not have a yard, but I just can't give Hector up.

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at 8:30 PM Blogger Zette said...

I hate confrontation with such a passion that I will often write it out to clear my thoughts rather than risk saying or doing something I might regret later. I guess not a lot of confidence in my coping skills, huh? It can be a struggle to always post something positive, but I think as long as you DO have those positive moments that you enjoy, that's what matters.

I was so HAPPY to hear of Ruben's continued remission. Such a relief. But I'm so sorry that you'll have to move soon. Is it possible that the new owner would consider keeping tenants or is it expected to become their main home? I don't know what I'd do if that happened to us...both of us have crappy credit also, with mine pretty much beyond repair, especially without a job. Hopefully something will come up. Maybe one of your friends or acquaintances will have some place that are looking to rent to you for the time being. It wouldn't hurt to ask around. Often it's the deposits that kill you and maybe someone would be able to work out a payment agreement. I have two cats and two dogs (one is 55 pounds and the other is 122 pounds, so an apartment would not only be cruel, but crowded) so it's near impossible to find affordable housing, especially if you haven't had time to save.

Good luck on everything working out ok.

at 9:56 AM Blogger misplacedpom said...

I agree with Zette, you should ask your landlord if the new folks are buying to live in the house or to rent it out. When I a friend of mine bousght a house in Jersey, there were tennants there who stayed after she became the new owner. Maybe you could work something like that out?

Best of luck,

at 5:18 PM Anonymous Hot Mexican Lover man said...

Heya sexy!!!! We will be ok anywhere and so will our little man.

Just hug me alot...ok? And kiss me and do that thing with your uh...nevermind....this is a family site! :-)

Seriously now...you got positive news today and that is groovy. We may have to buy weapons and car alarms and hire a thug named Vinnie to guard the place but we will be together and have a decent little casa.

I love you baby angel!

Now that all that is said will you do that thing with your...you know :-)

at 5:36 PM Blogger Me said...

May Peace
Hope and Love
be with you
and Always

Merry Christmas!

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